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Client Testimonials

Lorraine & Wil's Wedding

July 17, 2011
by Mrs. Lorraine Haynes
Imperial Palace (Pasadena, CA)

Solano 888 Team made my wedding day a dream come true. I'm a very detailed person so my wedding was of course very very detailed :-) Jonah was God sent, I met with her a week before my wedding and she listened and remembered all the little details. After our first meeting, she made me feel at ease. I knew that my wedding was in good hands. Jonah and her team also put their own creativeness on things, my guests were very impressed with the Solano 888 team.

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Victoria & Stan's Wedding

December 18, 2010
by Mrs. Victoria Pasternack
Los Angeles, CA

We decided to get married SIX WEEKS before the date we wanted to have our reception at home. I found great invitations on the web (Etsy, "Abeautifullife") and started to try to put together the rentals, flowers, food, valets--everything that a party for 50 guests would entail. It seemed like something I should be able to do. But by the second weekend, when my fiance saw me at the computer whimpering and holding my head in my hands, he suggested we find a wedding planner. I found Jonah (Solano 888) on Yelp with about 4 weeks to spare. Jonah said, "No sweat," and showed me printed inventory lists from her last event, covering "how many of what" would be needed for everything from forks to tents and space heaters. I was sold. Her price was great, she had the vendors necessary, she was confident, and she coped with contingencies far better than I did. The valet company got a better offer and quit the week before the party. I panicked. Jonah had a backup. The florist backed out. Jonah found a brilliant replacement at a great price. It rained. No, it poured. Jonah told the valets to bring umbrellas and figured out how to keep the guests dry inside the tent. The day before, Jonah waited patiently for four hours for the rentals to arrive. The next day, Jonah and her husband, Dennis, worked from morning till midnight orchestrating everything perfectly. The guests stayed more than an hour after the valets were supposed to leave. Jonah renegotiated their fee. Jonah pulled everything off without a hitch--and so calmly and skillfully I couldn't believe it. We were thrilled and grateful. She's the best. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Source: Yelp

Brittney & Brandon's Wedding

November 6, 2010
by Mrs. Brittney McKeever-Goode
Marina Del Rey, CA

Above and Beyond! Jonah and team (but especially Jonah) really strive to cover all corners without adding stress to the bride. Without the support of her and her team, the event wouldn't have been so smooth and easy. I had no idea how necessary it was to work with someone like Jonah for such a huge event, but it IS necessary. I'm a complete DIY bride but had no idea how much I needed basically another "half" for me. Jonah immerses herself into what the bride and groom want and makes it happen. Can't thank them enough!!

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Watch Brittney & Brandon's wedding video: http://www.solano888productions.com/videography/1930s-wedding



Arturo & Dora's Wedding

May 15, 2010
by Mrs. Dora Ng-Mok
Alhambra, CA

The first thing that struck me when I met Jonah was her energy. She would really get excited about my wedding and the coordination. Her energy was so high, that it looks she was the bride and not me! That's what I call PASSION. In order for things to come the way you want, you need someone, above all, who can take care... of your wedding like if it was his/her own. On the day of the wedding, I couldn't be happier, not only she was able to deliver (the venue was very challenging in the first place) but she did it above my expectations! And if everyone at my wedding loved the slideshow, you know that she's got TALENT too! I would definitely recommend her slideshow package. I'm already thinking to have Jonah do a package if we ever have kids! lol...

Sharon & Nick's Wedding

November 27, 2010
by Sharon & Nick
The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Sherman Oaks, CA

My husband and I were recently married. Jonah was amazing. She helped us organize our thoughts and bring our vision to life. We had such a wonderful reception and couldn't have done it without her help. She also created a short film about how we met. It was very tasteful. The guests really enjoyed the film and we continue to get compliments on the movie. We have and will continue to recommend Jonah to our friends.

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Sharon & Nick's Love Story Video: http://www.solano888productions.com/videography/need-help

Sharon & Nick's Wedding Video: http://www.solano888productions.com/videography/1st-wedding-anniversary-surprise


Aaron & Erika's Wedding

July 24, 2010
by Mrs. Erika Burchett
Monterey Park, CA

AMAZING!!! Our day was perfect in every way and there are NO words that can express my love for you JONAH, you are THE BEST!!!! I can't wait to throw our first Anniversary party same place, same time and YOU!!! Aaron and I were so amazed with everything you did!!! Love, Aaron and Erika Burchett

Andre & Emilie's Wedding

January 19, 2009
by Mrs. Emilie Pilapil-Martin
Splendido Club, Tagaytay

Splendido Taal was our only choice for our reception venue. Splendido provided a picture-perfect venue for our reception – the gorgeous view, the sprawling golf course, to the Spanish inspired Golfer’s Lounge. It was just the height of elegance. How wonderful!

Their staff, specially their Marketing Supervisor Jonah Rodriguez-Solano, was so pleasant and accommodating. Jonah together with Noel, Bomel, and their pastry Chef Camille, made everything easy for us. They assisted us in every step of the way. We couldn’t ask for anything from such a great staff.

All our guests were unanimous in saying that our wedding was just so beautiful and perfect, with a picturesque venue, sumptuous banquet, and capped with a scenic display of fireworks that decorated the skies! Love it!

Our wedding wouldn’t have been as splendid and memorable if we didn’t have our reception venue in Splendido. We were not just able to obtain an ideal venue for our wedding but we were able to form new friendships. We would definitely continue visiting Splendido not just for their delicious banquet but to visit and spend time with our new found friends.

Source: Weddings at Splendido

Kim & Karen's Wedding

January 18, 2008
by Mr. Kim Albert Latina
Splendido Club, Tagaytay

Why is it that, the last place we look for is where we find what we are looking for… Obviously, once we see perfection, nothing can ever replace it. One wouldn’t need to look for anywhere else. . .

Splendido Taal’s facade from the national highway, seemed like a funeral parlor from afar. But as we explored the intricacies of the grand picture, one discovers a tranquil place overflowing with grace and sophistication. The road leading to the clubhouse draws an unseen force (gravity?) that makes objects of utmost beauty attract and connect. The inexplicable purity of true love, and the majestic slopes of the landscape, coupled with the classy architecture, reunite and emit warmth that even the climate of Tagaytay can’t conquer.

Having Splendido as witness to a grand gathering brings about comfort and ease to new heights. The packages are very flexible and can be tailored to the couple’s budget and style. The clubhouse in itself is flexible and can accommodate your guests, rain or shine. The ambiance brings one to a feeling of déja vu, and as if the interior was ripped out of a high-class magazine. The food, prepared by world class chefs, will satisfy taste buds and gratify the hunger associated with waiting for the couple. The food servers, ever courteous and always at their toes for service beyond compare (special mention to Bomel, his smile and demeanor can calm any stressed couple). 

And as the night comes to a close, one can’t help but remember the stress free preparations and meetings with Jonah Rodriguez-Solano, Marketing Supervisor. She is always approachable (always an SMS away), she caters to all queries readily and has this ever-flowing empathy to the couple, making the most special day of your lives virtually encased in a time capsule to last a lifetime...


Source: Weddings at Splendido

Vic & Jackie's Wedding

December 7, 2007
by Mrs. Jackie Laforteza-Prudente
Splendido Club, Tagaytay

Vic and I went around the ins and outs of the Tagaytay area looking for a venue for our wedding. We were surprised that the place we really wanted was just right there, easy access to everything. And it's none other than Splendido - our sweet and very unexpected surprise... :)

As soon as we parked and stood in front of the Clubhouse , up close, we were both in awe and felt it's perfect! This is the place we imagined our wedding would be... It's like being in a different place and at different time. And it all started there... From the very courteous staff to the humble owners, we knew we were in good hands. What made everything even more special was Splendido's Marketing Supervisor, Jonah Rodriguez-Solano who really took good care of us since day one. She was undeniably, our Fairy Godmother! Jonah together with Noel, Bomel and their entire team made everything easy and perfect for me from the preparation up to our wedding day.

Some of our guests said our wedding was great, others said it was perfect! The reception was a blast, with a lot of appetizers to keep hunger at bay, endless refreshments to quench their thirst... even wines and beers were unlimited, mouthwatering food that tastes absolutely as good as it looks, good music, a very cozy and beautiful venue with excellent service and a surprise fireworks display that sealed the night.

We were very happy to hear that our guests enjoyed our wedding as much as Vic and I did...

And as for me, I got to start my life with Vic, the man I love and a wedding that's truly splendid! A perfect day... So tell me, who could ask for anything more? :)

Source: Weddings at Splendido