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Orchestrating a Wedding Rehearsal


Line up the wedding party to stand where they will be standing for the wedding ceremony. (Groom and his attendants on the Officiant's left, Bride and her attendants on the Officiant's right.) The Bride and Groom face each other. The Ring Bearer (if any) usually stands in front of the Groom's attendants, Flower Girl (if any) in front of the Bride's attendants. Now the bridal party goes to the places where they will enter on the wedding day. Groom and his attendants go to the side (stage left, the Officiant's left side). The Bride and her attendants go to the back of the hall where they will enter.



Promptly at the announced time of the wedding, the time stated on the invitation, the ushers seat the family and honored guests. The front row is reserved for these special people. At the rehearsal you can practice escorting in these special guests if you want. Usually reminding the special people to wait in the back for their escort, and possibly introducing them to their escort (usher) is all that's needed.



The Wedding Begins! First the groom and his attendants walk in from the groom's side, led by the Officiant, and stand where they did in STEP ONE. Remember the Officiant is there to help if someone has forgotten where to stand. Next the bride's attendants walk in, slowly, and take their places (where they stood in STEP ONE).


Now the flower girl and ring bearer (if any) walk in and stand where they stood in STEP ONE. The music, if any, usually changes as the Bride walks in and the Officiant always motions the guests to rise. Now the Bride is escorted in. The Officiant will ask "Who brings her here on this happy day of her life?" The person or persons escorting the bride usually say: "I do", "we do", "or on behalf of all who love her, I do".

Now the Officiant performs the ceremony...



As soon as the Officiant has declared the couple "wife and husband" and they kiss, the elated couple walks out (sometimes after having been introduced as the new Mr. & Mrs.) The flower girl and ring bearer (if any) follow. The attendants from each side meet in the center and walk out as couples. Often the ushers return to escort out the front row. Usually this is done as an entire row, not person by person, since people are eager to congratulate the couple and begin partying.


Note: Prior to the wedding instruct your ushers as to whether you want them to seat guests generally, or as "friends of the bride or friends of the groom?" and whether or not you want them to walk guests all the way to their seats, or motion them to empty seats.